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Considerations for Finding Charleston Jobs

Every day, another news story is written detailing the dangers of identity theft. It's far more common now than it was even a few years ago. A great deal of identity theft comes from information that isn't secure online. As you look for jobs in Charleston, you will, by necessity have to... Read Full Article

Charleston Job Hunting: The Basics

It's been said that the best way to approach looking for a job is to treat finding a job as a career unto itself. It can certainly be a challenging experience, looking for jobs, even for experienced job seekers. When you are applying for Charleston jobs, there are some basic tips you... Read Full Article

Locating Charlestons Hiring Businesses

One thing that can greatly streamline a job search is to only apply to businesses that are currently seeking to hire employees. When you are applying for jobs in Charleston, here are some guidelines to determining which businesses have open positions to fill... Read Full Article

Charleston Career Fairs, What You Need to Know

So what is a career fair? The exact type of any given job fair can vary most career fairs share in common the fact that representative from companies that are hiring attend to connect with local job seekers. When you are applying for Charleston jobs and you want to cast a wide net, it's a... Read Full Article

Thank You Notes: They're Important for Charleston Jobs Seekers

In the other helpful articles on this site we've listed that writing a thank-you letter to an employer after a job interview is a valuable step to take as you apply for Charlestone jobs. We'd like to elaborate on thank you letters and offer some guidelines the next time you need to craft... Read Full Article

Charleston Jobs Seekers: You've Had the Interview...Now What?

Congrats! Take a moment and relax. You've made it through the job interview! Of course, there are a few things that you now have to do as part of a follow up. That's where this article come in. As you interview for jobs in Charlestone, adhering to these steps will make your interview... Read Full Article

Charleston Jobs Seekers: Check Out These Resume Tips

First things first: you're in the right place. If you're looking for Charlestone jobs, then coming to this site is a good first step. Odds are that you have a resume written as well. Before submitting it, however, we advise you to make sure to revise it, edit it and make sure it's a good as... Read Full Article

Charleston Employers: Screening Resumes

As you're probably aware, it's sometimes an easy task, in the hiring process, to get a large volume of applications and resumes. However, finding the most qualified people looking jobs in Charleston can be tricky. Here are some key points to keep an eye out for when the time comes to narrow... Read Full Article

Job Interviews over the Phone for Charleston Job Seekers

Employers are often looking for ways to streamline the hiring process. One way that they have done this is to hold screening interviews over the telephone. It's best to think of these interviews as full-fledged ones and conduct yourself accordingly, they do come with some unique challenges that need to be taken into account. When you are... Read Full Article

Using Niche Job Boards as a Charleston Employer

Hiring new and qualified employees for your business can be an extremely challending task. If you're in charge of hiring and are sorting through the applications of those looking for Charlestone jobs, it can be difficult to even know where to begin. This is where niche job boards can be... Read Full Article

Networking for Jobs in Charleston

Having an "in" to an industry or company that you're looking to eventually work in is an extremely helpful tool. In the parlance of seeking for employment, this is called "networking." As you network to find jobs in Charleston, here are the steps you should follow to establish useful and... Read Full Article

Charleston Job Hunting Myths

There's no lack of sources both out in the world and online that seek to give guidance to those looking for employment. As you search forCharlestone jobs, it is highly likely that at some point you will stumble across this advice. There is certainly plenty of good information to be found,... Read Full Article

Charleston Employers: There's a Better Way to Conduct Your Job Interviews

Job interviews are a process of give and take. If you're the person in your company in charge of hiring, you should prepare yourself just as much as the potential employee. The interviewer should make the necessary preparations and avoid missteps. When the candidate is applying for jobs in... Read Full Article

Charleston Job Seekers: Do's and Don'ts of Your Next Job Interview

Give yourself a pat on the back: you worked to perfect your resume, you put in the miles, pounding the pavement and making contact and you've finally landed the job interview This is the moment; you’ve reached the last step. But don't celebrate quite yet, there’s quite a bit you need to keep in mind when you are interviewing... Read Full Article

Tips for Crafting Your Cover Letter for Charleston Jobs Seekers

Crafting a well-worded, concise and effective cover letter can be the difference between landing and interview or not. When you are applying for jobs in Charleston, having a solid cover letter is of at least equal importance as having a good resume. Avoiding mistakes and following the right... Read Full Article

Advancing Your Education for Charleston Jobs Seekers

As you go about looking for Charleston jobs, you are probably always on the lookout to increase your standing amongst the competition. To find that edge, you may want to consider furthering your secondary eductaion (or attending it for the first time). Going back to school can give your... Read Full Article

How to Change Careers in Charleston

Gone are the days where you can get a job right out of school and work there until you retire. Many workers report changing their careers at least several times. Changing careers is not a decision to be taken lightly, but if you go through with it, here are some goals to keep in mind while you apply for... Read Full Article

Charleston Job Seeker Tip: Find a Recruiter

Job recruiters make it their business to seek out candidates for sometimes difficult-to-fill open positions, so they can be an important resource to seek our when conducting your job search. When you are applying for jobs in Charleston, connecting with a recruiter can make your search a... Read Full Article