Networking for Jobs in Charleston

Having an "in" to an industry or company that you're looking to eventually work in is an extremely helpful tool. In the parlance of seeking for employment, this is called "networking." As you network to find jobs in Charleston, here are the steps you should follow to establish useful and effective contacts, courtesy of Meridith Levinson at

1. Start small: It can be intimidating to approach people you don’t know and who have never heard of you. Look for familiar faces first; friends and family members who work in your industry. They can also point you towards their own contacts. Tapping into the alumni base of your college (if you went to one) also counts as starting small.

2. Ask for introductions: Once you’ve made one or more contacts within your small circle (see above), you can ask them to introduce you to other figures in your industry you are hoping to meet with.

3. Follow up: The easiest way to build up your credibility and visibility is to share information with the contacts you meet. This can include anything from an article, a website, or a phone number. If your contacts ask you for some information, or if you offer and they accept, make sure you get that information to them.

4. Don’t be afraid of rejection: You won’t always hear back from people, and not everyone, even if they want to, are going to be able to lend you a hand. Rejection is a part of life, so don’t let it keep you down, and certainly don’t let it prevent you from putting yourself out there again.

By Kyle Wise

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